Reputation Intelligence unleashes your potential by limiting the Emotions.
It Starts with You!


                                                    The intersection between Strategy and Marketing for
                                                   employers, job seekers and students.



We use the 4Ds of Reputation to build RI:

  1. Discover - Past Who are you?
  2. Define - Current What do you want?
  3. Develop - Future How do we get there?
  4. Defend - Maintain Focus on keeping us there.

Reputation Intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your words and behaviors. It consists of three skills: building authentic self-awareness, disciplining your actions and reactions to achieve bigger goals, and mastering and innovating inside and outside your sphere of influence.

Why should you care about RI? The RI process creates a how-to plan to reach your goals to home, work or school. The 4Ds is a process that begins with guided growth and ends at innovation. Self-confidence grows with structured steps, based on building and following a process with a specific purpose and outcomes.
As practiced for almost a decade, RI is not a fad or a strategy-of-the-month. RI has been a viable, proven and important part of business planning, helping people since 2008. It is not easy, quick, or temporary. The RI is a permanent, lifelong and life-changing strategy for personal, professional or youth growth. It is custom to your uniqueness and proves itself every day. With improved self-confidence and innovation, you will experience limitless potential. It is not magic, but a practice of applying predetermined forward-thinking steps. RI is logical, not emotional, with a healthy splash of creativity. The process draws on everyone’s inborn creativity, even if their creativity was never encouraged or inspired to shine through in the past.
Your RI has become one of your most important "must haves" in this communication-rich environment. It allows and challenges you to become the expert in your industry because you revolutionize the process. Start your journey to greatness with RI today.



Reputation Intelligence leads to:

  • Individual Innovation Leading to Freedom
  • Creating a Custom Plan/Roadmap Based on Your Morals & Values
    New, Healthy Relationships
  • Mutually Beneficial Relationships
  • Reduces Stress
  • Focus on What Matters
  • Productivity
  • Builds Confidence
  • Opens Opportunities
  • Disrupts Status Quo
  • Makes you an Expert


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