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 The Camel Project 

Are you being bullied at your school or place of employment?
Do you struggle with finding “your place” in life?
Do you hate going to school or work?
Can't you “fit in” anywhere?

Unsure what to do next? 
There is a way...


The Camel Project was started to help anyone who has been bullied, called names, tagged with a label, or put into a box. The program helps build confidence through self-awareness. It is an examination of your body language, words, and behaviors. It begins with the baseline “who are you?' We take that information and build a customized plan with common sense steps to follow. Most people are relieved to find that the project is easy to understand and implement. The tricky part is sticking to it. The project has techniques to identify and define a healthy support system.

The Camel Project focuses on building confidence through self-awareness and healthy support network. The end goal is to find your authentic self, with the help of a healthy network of supportive people. Learn about Reputation Intelligence strategy and the 4D model.

Pam Gockley is the co-founder and CEO of a technology company, a college graduate, the author of four books and numerous national magazine articles, an internationally known speaker, and is the recipient of numerous awards for achievement and development.

Why the Camel Project?

Early in her life, she dropped out of school, experienced poverty, bullying, despair, depression, obesity, rebelliousness, lack of self-esteem, drug abuse, run-ins with the law, and worse.
Now Pam wants to share her amazing, life-changing story to Inspire, Motivate, Educate and give hope to anyone struggling to find their path in life. Her warm and engaging, but frank, honest and down-to-earth style will make you cry, laugh, and inspire you, all at the same time.
Who can benefit from Pam’s insights? At-risk, disadvantaged adults, students of any age, young people, and others who may be questioning their present life or their prospects.

Pam is available as a keynote speaker or group facilitator for schools, staff, and non-profit organizations.
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Reputation Intelligence leads to:

  • Individual Innovation Leading to Freedom
  • Creating a Custom Plan/Roadmap Based on Your Morals & Values
    New, Healthy Relationships
  • Mutually Beneficial Relationships
  • Reduces Stress
  • Focus on What Matters
  • Productivity
  • Builds Confidence
  • Opens Opportunities
  • Disrupts Status Quo
  • Makes you an Expert


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