The Reputation Factor® Curriculums:
 Corporate/Business, Personal/Career and Youth/Student

Perception  is  Reality → Reality = Reputation

The Reputation Learning Center (RLC) helps you build a strong reputation through awareness and the SEE (Seek, Educate and Evolve) method of learning. Reputation is the game changer and made the list of the top 5 Must Have's in both business and personal development.

We can help. At Reputation Learning, we develop a new method of doing business with a proof of concept. We follow and teach you the 4D of building a successful business in a Pull Economy. {A pull economy is when a product or service is demanded from the provider. This demand causes the product to be Pulled rather than Pushed by the provider. The pull was created when a "buzz" is created by consumers using modern communication channels, like social media and word of mouth. Push, on the other hand, is typically uses traditional advertising published ads pushed out by the provider.}


The 4D's Reputation Strategy Outline: Personal Click Here to Learn More:

  1. Discover:
  2. Define:
  3. Develop: Three steps

1st Impression

4. Defend: 

Doing these steps in order and from the progression of findings, we build a powerful message based on your customer's experience with your product or service.

4P’s Reputation Strategy Outline: Corporate Click Here to Learn More:

  1. People
  2. Process
  3. Product
  4. Promotion

The 4ps method teaches leadership how to structure their business, and it teaches managers and staff how to understand and follow those structures.

The Camel Project: Youth/Student Click Here to learn more:

he Camel Project focuses on building confidence through self-awareness. The end goal is to find your authentic self, with the help of a healthy network of supportive people.

Components of a Reputation:

  • Impression
  • Perception
  • Opinion
  • Stereotypes
  • Traits
  • Behaviors
  • Manners
  • Beliefs
  • Authenticity
  • Talent
  • Attitude



The 4D Process

TRF Process

Who We Help

Department Heads
Pageant Contestants
Political Candidates


Lead with Your Right...


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